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RaceChip ResponseControl New Release

  • 3 июн 2014
  • 16 761
We are proud to introduce the All New RaceChip Response Control

Optimize the response characteristics of your vehicle.

You always wanted to adjust the response characteristics of your vehicle to your individual needs and haven't been happy with the default settings of your vehicle?

Our team has developed a tailor-made solution for you: RaceChip ResponseControl.
RaceChip ResponseControl offers 6 specifically designed settings for the response characteristic of your vehicle. Using our 4 sports settings you can gradually increase the responsiveness of your throttle until you reach the response characteristics of a full-blooded sports car, ideal for pure driving pleasure on twisting roads.

In addition, the 2 eco settings allow for a more comfortable calibration of your vehicle's response characteristics compared to the default settings. These eco settings are helpful when driving in denser urban traffic to drive in a more fuel efficient way, for example.

And just with the push of one button you can put your vehicle into the manufacturer's default settings again. However, we are convinced that you will not make use of this option anymore, once you have discovered your favorite settings amongst the RaceChip ResponseControl settings.

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