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Netflix, YouTube and games in your car - CarPlay Ai Box CP-600 test

Описание видео

Using full potential of this cars large display to watch #Netflix, YouTube, play games, navigate with Google Maps, check weather and stocks, and do other cool stuff. How? There's a device that pretends to be an iPhone - CarPlay Ai Box CP-600. Once connected to CarPlay enabled system, car will give it controls over the display, touch input and some physical buttons. From now on you can use plain Android system in you #car with a bunch of apps available from the Google Play Store.

❤️ Quick review? I love it! Over past year I've been having a lot of my meals in my car and would love to watch a Netflix movie or YouTube episode while eating. If you are traveling with kids this will turn your navigation screen into entertainment unit with games to play and cartoon to watch.

🛠 Tech Specs
Power and car communication via USB-C connection.
Supports cars with wired CarPlay support (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volvo, Ford, Mercedes, Peugeot, Citroen, Nissan, Lexus, Toyota, Mazda, Kia, Honda, Suzuki...).
Cortex-A53 SoC.
2GB RAM + 16GB flash storage (optional 4GB+32GB).
Android 7.0 system with Google Play Store.
20-30 second bootup time.
WiFi, BT, USB port for extensions (flash drive, mouse, keyboard, game pad, web cam).
Additional GPS antenna for cars without OEM navigation system.

🛒 Buy CarPlay Ai Box CP-600 on AliExpress: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_AmwDHM
🎟 $5 Discount code: MRFIX2021

🚗 Test was performed in Volkswagen Golf MK7 with Discover Media MIB2 system and in Ford Transit with Sync 3 system. In both cases the device was recognized correctly and worked as advertised. In many cases this is the only way to have video playback on the factory display. Notice that both cars have touch screens which makes it super easy to use the device. However cars without touch input (for example Audi A6 C7 with rotary wheel) will have less intuitive controls.

🎮 Tested games and apps
Netflix, #YouTube, VLC, Among Us, Mario, Contra, Aladdin, Earthworm Jim, Zelda, Megaman, Lion King, Yahoo! Weather, Yahoo! Stocks, USB camera.

👍 Pros
Easiest installation possible. Plug&Play - just connect to USB port. No system modification needed. Does not void vehicles warranty.
Google Play Store access.
Using precise navigation position from cars external GPS antenna. Equipped with additional GPS receiver for cars without OEM navigation system.
Image visible while driving (overrides video in motion locks).
Wireless screen mirroring for other devices (tested with iOS and macOS).
Supports USB devices. Tested with web cams, flash drives, game controllers, mouse, keyboards. Should also work with LTE modems and wired diagnostic interfaces.

👎 Cons
Bluetooth not openly available - can't use with BT OBD scanners.
No RTC (real-time clock), time and date resets if there's no internet connection.

⚠️ Warning! Be responsible! Don't watch videos while driving. Pay attention to the road!

ℹ️ Streaming online media requires internet connection (for examample WiFi hotspot created from mobile phone).
ℹ️ Some apps are not ready for small touch surface.

0:00 Among Us impostor
0:20 CarPlay Ai Box CP-600
1:37 Quick look at tech specs
2:36 Netflix, YouTube, VLC
3:31 Google Maps
4:08 PIP, VIM, parking sensors
4:39 Spotify
4:54 Google Play Store touch games
5:21 Mario
5:28 Contra
5:34 Aladdin
5:41 Earthworm Jim
5:47 Zelda
5:54 Megaman
6:00 Lion King
6:07 Weather and Stocks
6:24 USB web cam
6:34 Mouse and keyboard support
7:08 Steering wheel buttons and voice control
7:28 Wireless mirroring
7:46 Pros
9:15 GPS position
9:49 Cons
13:03 Get CarPlay Ai Box CP-600

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